DIO’s poor behaviour isn’t limited to Ash Ranges

It has been no secret that the DIO’s poor behaviour and their lack of accountability isn’t just an issue for us here at Ash Ranges. Their behaviour and un-willingness to follow their own bye-laws, the law or ministerial direction extends across all of the Aldershot Military Lands.

At the start of lock-down in March 2020 when I first started publicising the AshRanges.com website, TAG (the Trail Action Group) reached out to me. Ever since Tag have helped support our aims at Ash Ranges. Their view is to ensure and protect recreational access across all Aldershot Military Lands. They have battled with the DIO and ministers for over 6 years regarding recreational access to Long Valley and despite direction from ministers to keep access open, the DIO have chosen to continue to erect fences and lock gates preventing public access when the lands are not in use. Sounds like a familiar story?

TAG have posted an update on the website here.