Red Flags mean Danger!

Today I received another visit from the MOD Police at my front door. They claim that yesterday a man with two children was witnessed entering the ranges whilst the red flags were flying and shooting was taking place.

Whilst we have and continue to challenge the permanent closure of the range complex we have also stood by the bye-laws and the fact that when the flags are flying, access to all parts of the ranges is forbidden. THe purpose of this is simple. Whilst the flags are flying, military use is in progress and thus it is unsafe to enter.

We certainly don’t want to see anyone hurt or any incursion of the ranges when the flags are flying. If the flags are up please stay out and please feel free to challenge anyone you see entering the ranges when the flags are flying. You can also phone the office at the front gate on 01252 325233.

We want to ensure everyone stays safe so

Red Flag means Danger and do not enter!

I am in the process of determining the truth behind the MOD POlice’s claim and will post an update. Irrespective of whether this is true or not the red flags should not be ignore.