The Power of the People

With the snowfall today there has been no better time for the people of Ash Vale to show the DIO exactly what they think of the unlawful and un-just closure of the Range Complex. Today that is exactly what they did!

In a prominent place, on range 3, some supporters built a snow dog in defiance over the lunacy of the DIO’s decisions and the MOD’s and Minister’s unwilligness to hold them to account. Ultimately, left un-checked, the DIO are able to do whatever they want. The blame falls squarely on Jeremy Quin MP, Ben Wallace MP and of course the ever absent MP for Surrey Heath Michael Gove. To those who took the time to build this, I want to say a big thank you.

The Snow Dog is an absolutely genius idea!

It was good to also see families sledging on the ranges, as has always been the case on previous snow days. Shame on you DIO. MOD, Quin, Wallace and Gove. Your actions or in the case of MPs lack of action is denying the children in our community the chance to enjoy the snow in a safe area. You may control the gates but you can’t control the people.

Sledgers in the distance near the main gates.