Ash Parish Council demand immediate re-opening of the Range Floors

It is through the dedication of our team that we have some great news to share with you all.

Ash Parish Council has long been seen as detractors of our movement to re-open the ranges, seemingly supporting the decision rather than being openly critical.

We have been working to turn this support into criticism and in the full council meeting on the 11th January, it was proposed for them to do just. They have agreed, with our core teams support, to write emails to the MOD and Jeremy Quin, including Michael Gove, demanding the re-opening of the Range floors immediately.

Nigel Manning, as council leader, is critical of the reasons for the closure, particularly the lack of evidence. He does not see the reasons as being in any way based on fact and in-fact the hypocrisy in their reasoning is clear. 

The conversations between our team and Nigel Manning and Jo Randall can be seen here. We thank all involved in getting us this far and will keep you informed when the critical letters are published.