Happy New Year from the DIO

I was going to write a happy new year message thanking everyone for the support but with a New Year comes a fresh beginning for the DIO. Whilst they won’t admit they have made a total mess of 2020 managing to alieanate the local community, they have at least seen sense. See my video below.

I would like to thank Col Cook & Lt Col Bishop from DIO, Michael Gove MP and Ben Wallace MP.

My sincerest thanks go out to Carla Morson, Dr Al Pinkerton, Neil Lambert, Nath Khan, Simon Brown, Carl Cookson, Oli Mould, Sarah Alexander, Peter Corns, Kate Foster, my wife (for all of her support in keeping me honest and true) and to everyone who has supported is during the year. I see this as a real win, won orchestrated by every person who has posted, sent letters, emails, put up posters or attended the protest. This is a real win for the local community so well done everyone.