DIO’s illegal camera has been adjusted.

On the 20th December I reported on a camera that the DIO had previously installed on their main workshop. You can see the post here.

This camera was positioned in such a way that it pointed over the fence and thus was capturing images and video of people walking on the outside of the perimeter fence. There is no signs warning that CCTV is in operation and thus you are unable to provide consent prior to having been recorded. Prior consent is a fundemental right covered by UK Data Protection law including GDPR. Images and Video of a person constitute Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and cannot be recorded without the prior consent of the individual.

Everywhere you go that has CCTV cameras you will see warning signs that CCTV is in operation. The signs will also include a phone number to contact those responsible for the cameras. As the DIO have neither of these (both is the minimum required by law) they have breached UK Data Protection Law.

I have timestamped pictures dating back to 15th August 2020 although the camera was in operation long before then. During the Christmas period the camera has been changed. The following dates are worth noting:

  • 17th December – I reported the illegal camera to the MoD’s Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • 18th December – I receive a response from the MoD’s DPO promising to investigate and to respond no later than 13th January 2021
  • 19th December – I have a picture of the camera still pointing at the same place, over the perimeter fence.
  • 27th December – I have a picture showing the camera has been adjusted. Clearly the DIO have had their hand forced.
  • 13th January – Response expected from the MoD DPO.

This makes it even more important for you to contact the MoD for copies of the videos that include yourself if you have every walked past that camera. See the bottom of this page for details. You can do it by email.

See the pictures below. Sorry for the different angles, at the time I wanted to be filmed taking a picture of their camera. In the coming days I will update this.

19th December 2020

27th December 2020