Another public show of support from St Mary’s Church

Over the past couple of weeks Planning officers from Guildford Borough Council have contacted those with Save Ash Ranges posters and banners threatening action if they aren’t taken down. Apparently those displayed on private property next to a road breach planning laws as they are termed as Advertising. We arent quite sure why GBC have decided to take single out our campaign. Clearly the DIO have friends in the community who have complained to GBC. What is clear is that the banners and posters have certainly rattled the DIO so well done to all of you who put posters in such prominant places. Special thanks to Lucy who has a banner right outside the main gates to the Ranges. Since that road is a private road GBC are powerless so at least the DIO have a daily reminder of the amount they have alienated the local residents.

Yesterday Revd Neil Lambert (St Mart’s Church) decided to take a stand using his projection screen to display our message clearly for all to see. Plus its not on a main road, but the church’s car park.

Asked for a quote Revd Lambert said the following.

Why a political poster at Christmas ? After the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus the next most political act in the history of the world was the incarnation and birth of our Lord. Your can read all about it in the Gospels. There is a reason why Herod killed all those children. Power, money …..I’m told that it is illegal to put this up. I look forward to defending my theology and rights in the dock, where the best theology should happen. I might be wrong but I feel l’m right. If you have another opinion please message me, Rev Neil ,Vicar of Ash Vale.