Let’s show Gove how we mourned

The event on Saturday 5th December (see here and here) was a total success. The turnout far exceeded what I imagined so a massive thank you to everyone who attended and showed their support.

Although invited at the start of the week, our distant MP Michael Gove, wasn’t able to attend. His assistant only notified me at 4:25pm the day before. At the bottom of this post you will see a list of people I had invited along side the 100+ Local residents who attended to take part and show their support.

I am sure a lot of you took pictures/selfies and I wondered whether you would show those in positions of influence, who didn’t attend, just how much the campaign is supported.

If you would like to take part then please send an email with a selfie or picture:

  • To: michael.gove.mp@parliament.uk, Richard.Bishop727@mod.gov.uk, wallaceb@parliament.uk, jeremy.quin.mp@parliament.uk
  • CC: nigel.manning@guildford.gov.uk
  • Subject: All I want for Christmas is full access to Ash Ranges
  • Body of Message: Please include whatever you in the body of the email, please keep it factual and polite.

Please feel free to CC me in as well if you like (james@ashranges.com)

To be clear, the email addresses above are for Michael Gove, Lt Col Dickie Bishop (DIO SE), Ben Wallace (Defence Secretary), Jeremy Quin (Junior MP for Defence Procurement)

List of those in positions of incluence who were invited:

  • Guildford Borough Councillors – Caroline Reeves, James Steele, Steven Lee Attended (and helped pass out photos).
  • Ash Parish Council – Nigel Manning and Jo Randall (who have been directly liaising with the DIO) and every Ash Parish Councillor. None Attended
  • Surrey Heath Borough Council – Morgan Rise. Attended.
  • Dr Alasdair Pinkerton – Liberal Democrat Prospective parliamentary candidate for Surrey Heath. Attended (and marshalled)
  • Michael Gove MP – MP for Surrey Heath. No Attendance.