UPDATE – A Socially Distanced Mourning of the millions of hours of recreation time that local residents have lost due to the closure

Saturday 5th December at 2pm we will hold the socially distanced mourning. More information can be found here.

Rev. Neil Lambert will be giving a service at 3pm at the gates which we will stream on Facebook (Save Ash Ranges Group) so that you can watch it from the warmth of your own home, either live, or afterwards.

Location: Ash Ranges Main Gate, Heathvale Bridge Road, Ash Vale, GU12 5EU Just up from the Swan Pub and the bridge over the canal.

A significant amount of preparation has been put into this to ensure that it is COVID secure so:

  • Please wear a face mask at all times
  • Please keep 2m apart from others wherever possible.
  • We will have a one way system in place so please keep to the left (and left of the yellow line) on the road. We will use both directions of the road but this is within the rules.
  • Photos will be provided to tie onto the gates.
  • We expect a lot of people to attend so please don’t congragate at the gates after you have tied your photo.
  • Please DO take a selfie of yourself at the gates tying your photo and post on social media if you like (please include #SaveAshRanges). Please also send me any selfies or photos which we can feature on the website. please send these to james@ashranges.com
  • I have advised Surrey Police of this event both in writing (on Sunday) and I have spoken to the communities team yesterday on the phone.
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided when you collect your photo to tie.
  • We will have a queuing system to ensure 2m seperation, please wait at the line until the gates are clear.
  • We have marshalls on hand (in Hi Vis jackets and Save Ash Ranges Facemasks). We are there to ensure social distancing and to help should you have any questions or issues.
  • If possible walk to the Ranges, It is great for the environment.
  • Wrap up WARM, it’s going to be cold.
  • We have done everything to ensure that this event is as safe as visiting your local DIY SuperStore. Please help us to ensure everyone is kept safe.