We Support our Troops

Over the past few months, we have switched our language talking more about the MOD as a whole and not just DIO (Defence Infrastructure Organisation). DIO is part of the MOD and responsible for looking after the training estate.

The reason for this is simple; DIO are doing what they have been told from the highest levels within the MOD along with the Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace MP and Jeremy Quin MP.

I can’t speak for everyone involved in the campaign but I 100% support our service men and women who provide a vital role in protecting the UK and its interest. Our campaign is not to single out members of the army, navy or RAF or to have any detrimental affect to their training.

We understand that Ash Ranges is a vital part of basic training for our troops and we don’t want to interfere with that. For years the local community and the MOD have worked together for the greater good, that is Ash Ranges remaining where soldiers learn to shoot whilst sharing this space with local residents when not in use.

The recent closure instigated by the MOD breaks that long partnership and much goodwill and it is that which we are campaigning against. We have a few serving members in our group and I welcome support and views of all kinds. I am reminded to keep clear in my message that it is policy as set by the organisation and not the individuals we are battling. Therefore, we should all maintain respect at all times for those members of our community that do the jobs many of us cannot or are unwilling to do.