Survey results on the use of Aldershot Military Lands

In July our friends from released an online survey to understand how local residents use the military lands covered by the Aldershot Military Lands Byelaws 1976. We know, through a freedom of information request, that the MOD/DIO haven’t bothered to do any assessment of what the impact of any closures would be on local residents. The ByelawsReview team took it upon themselves to do the work the MOD were too lazy or too scared to do.

The results of this show (from 10,899 responses) that the lands were and are used by many people for a wide number of purposes. 84% of respondents with a GU12 postcode used the now closed Ash Ranges Complex.

What is clear is that the closure has affected a very large percentage of local residents. The briefing note with the facts and figures can be downloaded here. It really is worth a read.

I would like to say a massive thank you to those involved in producing the survey and it’s results. A truly amazing effort. It is a shame that our taxes aren’t used for positive actions such as this but instead used to fund an organisation (the DIO) who are totally unaccountable and out of control. Their abuse of power must be stopped.