Update 12/05/2020

Following yesterday’s update (here) there were a couple of inaccuracies that the DIO have asked me to correct. It is never my intention to post anything that is not based on fact or truthful and I do net intend to mislead in anyway.

If you see an inaccuracy, spelling mistakes or poor grammar (I’m a technie not a linguist), or anything other issues please feedback by the feedback page or Email me Directly.

The following points were amended on the page so that it is correct:

  1. On the update in the 2nd paragraph I mentioned “part of the RDA (Range Danger Area)”. The DIO say this should read “the range floors” although I do believe that part of the RDA will now be closed. Areas behind the range floors etc”. The map is correct.
  2. Point 4 in the update stated “the decision had been made by ministers and top ranking DIO.”. The DIO have corrected this and said “the decision has been made by top ranking officers within the DIO and is awaiting ministerial approval.

Other points that should be clarified:

  1. At 6pm this thursday (14th May 2020) Michael Gove MP will online on facebook. Let’s use the opportunity to ask about the Ranges as I still havent had a response from him.
  2. I should get a written statement from the DIO in the next couple of days on yesterday’s meeting and outcomes. I will post this as an update when available.
  3. The AshRanges.com website is not affilitiated with the DIO, MoD or local council in any way. I am merely a concerned local resident taking action to try and preserve the historic right of access to the ranges when military exercises are not taking place. I am a private individual and all costs associated with the site come from my own pocket. I do not have funding and do not want donations. I am looking for support in the cause from like minded individuals.
  4. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I will report any abusive or threatening emails or comments on Facebook to the police. Whether you agree with me or not you have the right to have and share your own opinion.

Many thanks